Peruvian Paso Horses

The naturally gaited horses of Spain were brought to Peru by the Conquistadors. Over  the past 400 years these horses were carefully selected and bred to carry the overseers and owners of large Peruvian Haciendas long distances in comfort. These centuries of selective breeding have produced the smoothest riding horse in the world.

Peruvian Paso Horses

The Peruvian Paso's unique 4- beat lateral gait is the key to it's incredible smoothness.  This trait is genetic, inherent to the breed, not acquired by  any training techniques.

Traditional Peruvian training methods were taught and handed down from Chalan to Chalan, methods developed to enhance and refine the horses' natural gait and strength while never breaking the beautiful spirit or "Brio" of the National Horse of Peru.

Peruvian Paso Horses

Our training and  breeding programs focus on improving the natural strengths of these magnificently  naturally gaited  horses:

- The unique gait which results in the Peruvian Paso's  incredible smoothness,

- The beauty of the traditional Peruvian conformation and

- The Peruvian " Brio " which is the heart and soul of the breed.

We offer only the highest quality futurity registered horses for sale.

We also offer boarding on a limited basis.